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Android requirements.

You will receive an android app that works with Android 6.0+ (API SDK 23).

Third-party services

You will need a Google Play Developer account, to publish your app on the Play Store. The Google Play developer account has a one-time registration fee of 25$ (at the time of writing this article).

Additionally, you need to register a free Firebase account. Firebase is Google’s mobile platform, and it is used by our app to send the push notifications, register crash reports and usage statistics of the app (analytics). The free firebase plan is enough, that means, you do not incur in expenses on this side.

If you are planning to show Ads on your App, then you will need an Admob account. At this moment, only the integration with Admob is supported. You can start without an Admob account and add it to your app later.

At last, you will need a Google Analytics account. Possible you already are using one to track the analytics of your forum. You will have to add another property to track the usage of the Android app.

Assets and resources.

Right after buying a license, we will create an apk for you. This first apk does not have a customized launcher, splash logo, and the push notifications will not work. This apk can be useful for internal testing.

You have to provide us with an icon, a logo for your app, and the google-services.json file that you will receive from the Firebase Developer account. Once you send us those resources, we will create a customized apk for you and you are ready to publish the app on the store.


Make sure you have the following before buying a license:

For the test apk:

  • A Firebase developer account.
  • A Google Analytics account.
  • Optional: Admob account if you are planning to show ads.

To publish the app:

  • A Google Play Developer account.
  • An icon for your app.
  • A Splash logo for your app.
  • The google-services.json file (generated in the Firebase console).

If you have questions about this or other topics, feel free to contact us and ask!