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Frequently asked questions about the native client apps for Xenforo

Welcome to the frequently asked questions about the native client apps for Xenforo. We try to summary in this sections questions that we receive per email.

How long do I have to wait after the purchase until I receive my apps?

Your apps are prepared manually. We generate a customized apk/ipa file for you, and integrate into it your launcher icon, your splash logo, the needed resources for analytics, push notifications, and crashlytics.

You can expect to receive the first version of your app in less than 48 hours. Normally, you will receive it in less than 12 hours, but it can depend on which timezone you placed the order. We are located in Germany, and maybe you placed the order while we are sleeping.

If you have all the needed resources on place (launcher, splash logo, google-services.json file) before placing the order, then you will speed up the process, and we will include these resources in the first version already.

What if the app does not works well with my Xenforo forum?

There are many forums out there, and Xenforo allows a lot of customization via addons. We have designed our app to be as agnostic as possible, and the addon to be as less intrusive as possible for your forum.

Despite that, if you have problems with the addon or the app, the first step should be to contact us and let us see if we can fix it. If we can fix it, then the problem will be solved in the next release of the app.

If you don’t want to wait until the next release, or you are not happy with the app, you can request a devolution in the first 30 days after your purchase, and we will cancel your order and give you your money back.

What about feature X or Y? When will it be implemented?

We are open to suggestions for new features. We have a roadmap of how the app should be developed, but we listen to our customers. If you miss some feature that is important for you, please contact us and let us know. We track these requests internally, and although we can not provide a date when a new feature will be available, we take all suggestions into account.

What will I receive exactly after buying the apps?

You will receive the following:

  • A Xenforo addon that you have to install on your Xenforo forum.
  • A customized Android apk file, that you can publish on the Play Store, or the Amazon Store, or where you want.
  • A customized iOS IPA file, that you can publish on the Apple Store.

What about the source code of the apps? Will I receive it?

No, you will not have access nor receive the source code of the mobile apps.

When purchasing a license to use our Native Client apps, you are purchasing exactly that: a license of use. You don’t purchase the source code of the apps. You have the right to one year of support and updates, which you can extend with a license extension.

Important: after your license is expired, your app will continue to work, and if you don’t need the lasts versions of the app, and you are happy with the functions that it has, you don’t have to purchase license extensions. The app will continue to work.

Regarding the Xenforo Addon, in this case, you will receive the source code, because that belongs to the idiosyncrasy of PHP and the guidelines of the development of Xenforo addons. But you don’t have the permission to modify or change it, not will you receive support if you modified the Addon.

If you have questions about this or other topics, feel free to contact us and ask!