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The Android app for Xenforo is a mobile app developed with the native SDK from Android, using the programming languages Java and Kotlin.

By buying a license, you will receive the following:

A Xenforo Addon.

You have to install an addon to your Xenforo board. This addon allows the Android app to talk with your Xenforo software and provides a configuration panel under the Options sections of Xenforo to allow you to configure how the app works

An Android APK.

An apk (android packaging kit) is a file that contains your native Android app customized for your Forum.

You can publish this apk with your own Google Play Developer account, or on another store (Amazon Store, etc). You can make available the apk with a direct download link on your forum too.

The test apk vs the customized apk.

After placing your order, we will create a test apk for you as soon as possible, usually in less than 48 hours. When created, you will find the download links for the apk and the addon under the dashboard section.

This initial test apk is fully functional and should work correctly with your forum, but it lacks a customized icon, splash logo, and the needed configuration file to make the push notifications work.

You could use the test apk to perform some initial tests, and to deploy it to an internal channel of the Google Play Store.

Once you have an icon, a splash logo and the configuration file for the push notifications for your app, you can upload them through the license dashboard, and request a customized apk.

We will generate a customized apk for you as soon as posible, containing your launcher icon, your splash screen and the configuration file to make the push notifications work.

If you have questions about this or other topics, feel free to contact us and ask!