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Steps after placing an order.

So, you bought an Android and/or iOS native app for your Xenforo forum in our shop. What are the next steps?

The apk and ipa files will be prepared

As soon as possible after we receive your order, we will prepare the first version of the apk and the ipa files of your native apps. Normally this will be done in less than 48 hours.

As already explained, until you upload the needed resources (launcher icon, splash logo, google-services.json file) for the license, we can not customize your app. But we will prepare an initial version with placeholders, that you may use to test the integration with your forum.

As soon as the initial version of your app is ready, we will notify you per email, and you will be able to download the addon and the app instalation files from your license dashboard.

Prepare the resources for your app.

As already explained, to customize your app we need:

  • The icon launcher for your app. You can upload the png file for your icon in the license dashboard. Please take into account the Google guidelines to design a good launcher icon, and ensure that the png file provided has a good resolution (minimum 512×512 pixels.
  • The splash logo for the app. The splash logo could be your app launcher icon or something different, but it has to meet the android guidelines for splash screens. Don’t upload a splash screen, that will not work and is a bad practice.
  • The google-services file to enable the advanced features of your app (push notifications, Analytics, and Crashlytics). Read more on how to get a google-services file on the Android Requirements section.
  • The Admob App Id: if you are planning to show ads in your app, you will need the Admob Application Id, that you can find in the Admob Dashboard. Read how.

When you have reunited this needed assets, use the license dashboard to upload the files for your license. After uploading the files, you will be able to request your customized apk, and you will be notified per email when it is ready for the download.

The Admob Application Id is optional, you may request an apk without this id, but the Admob ads will not work.

If you have questions about this or other topics, feel free to contact us and ask!