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Frequently Asked Questions about the addon

Why are the changes in the options not reflecting in the app?

You can configure many options in your Xenforo dashboard affecting the behavior of your native app. For example, you can create new ads, change the size of existing ads, or enable/disable them.

You may change how the consent for the customized ads is asked, or how the consent for the GDPR compliance is managed.

Please take into account that the changes you perform in the app configuration through your Xenforo dashboard, are not immediately pushed to the users that installed your app. Although this would be possible, we chose a more conservative approach to save the user’s bandwidth and battery, and your server resources.

The different options and configurations are download after the app installation when the app is first started. After that, the new configuration is downloaded every day, normally when the users’ smartphone is charging and has a wifi connection available.

If you are testing your app and you want to see the changes immediately, you have to clean your app data and restart it.