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GDPR and privacy configuration

You can set up your app to be compliant with the GDPR law for users from the European Union. You will find the options under Native Client App->Options-> GDPR Configuration.

The GDPR options are related with how the app manages the Crashlytics and Analytics integration in your app.

GDPR compliance for your native client app for Xenforo

The following options are available:

Gdpr Opt-in mode

Crash reporting (Crashlytics), and Analytics (Firebase Analytics and Google Analytics) are disabled by default. This is the more conservative approach, and the most respectful of your users because no data will be stored about crashes or the use of your app. The disadvantages are that you will not have usage statistics for your app.

Gdpr Opt-out mode

Opt-out mode: in this mode, the services are enabled by default, which means that all crashes are recorded, and the use stats are recorded too.

Inform the user that the services are enabled: by checking this box, the users will be informed when starting the app for the first time that the services are enabled and recording data. The user can disable the services in the settings view.

The user has always the possibility to enable/disable the services in the settings view of the app, regardless of what you configure here. The difference is between having the services activated by default or not and informing the users about it or not.

If you want to sleep peacefully, the best setup is the OptIn mode, that is, having all the services disabled by default, and delegating on the user the possibility of active them or not.

The second option would be to have the services activated, and inform the user. And the last option and the less user-friendly would be to have the services activated and chose to not inform the user when starting the app.

Is it possible to avoid the user to deactivate the crash reports or analytics services?

No. At HellDesk.com we are committed to the privacy of the users, and the user will have always the last word regarding his privacy.

If you have questions about this or other topics, feel free to contact us and ask!