Mobile Apps for Forums: A Digital Transformation

In this section, we’ll delve into why we opted to create a Xenforo mobile app and highlight the current and upcoming features it offers.

The Evolution of Forums and the Rise of Social Media

Having owned forums since 2000, we’ve experienced both periods of thriving engagement and a gradual decline since around 2007/2008 when social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and others began to dominate the online landscape.

In our case, many of our users migrated to these major social networks, leaving behind our forums. Interestingly, while the number of visits, page views, and user registrations have gradually increased since 2008, the number of new posts and threads experienced a continuous decline year after year.

We observed that, despite the majority of our users being mobile-centric (approximately 90%), a whopping 80% of new posts and threads were created through the desktop version of the forum. Upon conversing with our users, we discovered that they primarily followed our forums via smartphones. However, they refrained from posting due to the mobile web version’s limitations, finding it less conducive for engaging in discussions. Only a minority possessed the patience and commitment to switch to their desktop computers and participate in the traditional manner.

The Lesson from Social Networks

Social media giants such as Facebook and Reddit swiftly learned from this trend and introduced their own mobile apps, offering optimized navigation and tools for effortless image sharing. Simply compare the mobile web version of Facebook with its Android or iOS native app, and you’ll understand the stark difference..

Empowering Classic Forums with White-Label Mobile Apps

Unlike behemoths like Facebook or Reddit, the owners of classic Internet forums often lack the vast financial resources required to commission the development of a proprietary mobile app. This financial constraint can pose a significant hurdle when seeking to adapt to the evolving digital landscape. That’s precisely why we believe our white-label mobile app solution presents an ideal answer for these forum proprietors. Our solution offers a cost-effective, tailored, and efficient means for these forum owners to establish a strong mobile presence without the substantial investment typically associated with developing custom apps. By opting for our white-label app, they can benefit from a professionally crafted and customizable mobile platform that enhances their forum’s accessibility, engagement, and user experience, all while staying within budge

Ready to give your classic forum a modern mobile edge?

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