The internet has seen a revolution in social media, with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram dominating online attention. However, amid this whirlwind of social media, classic internet forums continue to prove their relevance in online communication. If you’re wondering whether it’s still worth having your own online forum, the answer is a resounding yes. Despite the abundance of alternatives, classic forums remain relevant and valuable in the digital age. Below, we’ll explore why.

Focused and Niche Communities

Online forums excel in creating focused, niche communities. If you have a particular interest, from vertical gardening to retro video game programming, a forum allows you to connect with people who share your passions. These spaces provide an environment where members can delve into specialized discussions and obtain accurate information.

Control and Ownership

Having your own forum grants you a significant degree of control and ownership over the platform. Unlike social media, you’re not subject to algorithms that determine what content your followers see. You can set your own rules and structure, ensuring that your community remains focused on its original purpose.

Archiving and Reference

Forums are a valuable resource for storing information over time. Old discussions and posts remain accessible and provide a rich source of reference. This archiving capability is useful for solving recurring problems, documenting projects, and building a strong knowledge base.

Privacy and anonymity

Often, forums allow users to maintain a degree of anonymity, which can be appealing for those who wish to discuss sensitive topics without revealing their identity. This fosters more open and candid communication.

Branding and authority building

If you’re an expert in a field or aspiring to become one, a forum provides the ideal platform to showcase your expertise and build authority in your industry. These communities can help you establish your online presence and increase your visibility.

Relationship building

Forums are not just about sharing information; they’re also about building meaningful relationships. You can connect with people who share your interests and form lasting friendships.

Less noise, more quality

As social media becomes cluttered with ephemeral content, forums remain places where discussions focus on quality over quantity. Conversations are more deliberate and coherent.


Classic internet forums have evolved over time. Most of them are highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. You can add features like private messaging, voting, and reputation systems to enhance the user experience.

Mobility and accessibility

In an increasingly mobile world, accessibility from mobile devices is essential. The app we are developing, a native client for iOS and Android designed for XenForo forums, is a perfect complement for any classic internet forum. Modern users expect the flexibility to participate in discussions and access the community from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Our app will allow forum members to stay connected and actively engage in discussions, whether from the comfort of their homes or while on the go.

Optimized user experience with our client app

With our app, you’re set to provide an optimized user experience for forum members. Native apps often offer faster navigation, instant notifications, and an intuitive interface that significantly enhances user engagement. Furthermore, tailoring to the specific features of XenForo ensures a seamless experience for those already familiar with this platform. This combination of mobility and enhanced user experience makes your app an essential complement for any classic internet forum administrator looking to improve user interaction and keep their community active and engaged.

In summary, your application for classic internet forums based on XenForo serves as a gateway to mobility and convenience for community members. It facilitates their participation and contributions, ensuring that classic forums remain a vital part of the modern digital landscape. While social media dominates online attention, forums continue to be a haven for those seeking deeper connections and higher-quality discussions. The combination of robust forums and your innovative app opens new doors for online engagement, connecting passionate people from around the world.